Managing safety compliance has never been so easy.

Safety management can be a huge headache for any business, irrespective of their size or industry. For most businesses, simply understanding compliance obligations is a time consuming, confusing and daunting exercise. All too often, pushed to the side, and never re-visited until something goes wrong.

There is a simple way.

Designed by our specialist safety consultancy team, Howsafe removes the pain from trying to decipher legislation and understanding your obligations.

Accessed via the internet, Howsafe is simple to use and implement, and a strong feature is that, there are no hidden costs.

Howsafe provides you with the latest business specific WHS information that is instantly available, anywhere, anytime.

The Howsafe system is simple to use, and is live and dynamic, as the system will prompt when actions and implementation activities are due.

Howsafe is easy to implement, reflective of your companies size, industry and tasks, instantly distributed across multiple sites and departments, easily customised, and most of all, secures of all backups of your data and information so you can